TyprrBurn is a browser game that helps players learn typing. Built with a partner, it uses  JavaScript and Webpack with an animated HTML5 canvas to present a fun and addictive game where a player must type quickly to keep an origami bird flying.  See the production game at https://jeneve.github.io/typrr-burn. See the source code and a demo at https://github.com/jeneve/typrr-burn. 


Curoiator is a web app that lets users explore their interests in the field of Fine Arts. The app utilizes the Artsy Api and the Art Genome project to connect users to news and information about artworks, artists, galleries and shows tailored to their specified interests. Curioator is a Rails app that serves an internal API to a JavaScript front-end. See the app in production at https://curioator.herokuapp.com/ . See the source code and a demo at https://github.com/curioator.


Idea Box

Idea Box is a simple crud app for saving and rating ideas. The app serves a single html page that dynamically updates  as the user interacts. Both the Rails Api and the client-side interface were built and deployed in only 3 days. See the source code at https://github.com/jeneve/idea-box, and visit the deployed app at https://jeneve-has-ideas.herokuapp.com